Eating healthily in a busy work environment

Eating healthily in a busy work environment

Hello All.

Hope you are well and that you have had a productive week. As those of you who follow my blog, you will know that last week I looked at making plans and setting goals. Here is a link just in case you are interested:

From last week I established how to make a plan and suggested using the SMART goal setting principles. I established my plan for exercise and activity and food and diet, and suggested the concept of following a calorie deficit plan. 


(Above are some of the meals which I prepared)

A calorie deficit is any shortage in the amount of calories consumed relative to the amount of calories required for the maintenance of current body weight. a deficit can be created by reducing input of calories consumed. A deficit can be created by increasing output without a corresponding increase in input.

In other words: eat less, be active more = results. 

I had an interesting chat with my brother and my partner yesterday and took some time to explain the idea of calorie deficit as it is not something that is immediately understood, and I must admit, when I first started reading about it, it took me a while to understand it.

Calories and how many to eat and what to eat can be daunting. A good place to start is to establish how many YOU need. You are very different to the person next to you.

Here is a link you may find helpful which looks at how to calculate how many calories you need:

For myself as a 39 year old fairly active male, I need around 2400-2600 calories a day ( I have set myself a 1800 calorie daily intake as a calorie deficit, something I have mentioned in more detail in my previous blog.


Calories is a fascinating subject and you can spend a whole day reading about it. But for the sake of this blog, I will just say to get further advice from a fitness professional.

As for eating healthily in a busy work environment – if you are following a calorie deficit diet – or a healthy eating plan – can be very challenging. As someone who knows what it is like to be running late for work, grabbing anything you can, then eating anything at work and binging when you get home, I know what it is like to drop off the deep-end when it comes to poor eating. So how to tackle the challenge of eating healthily in a busy work environment.

One word.


Prepare. Prepare your meals the night before. Set yourself a meal every 3-4 hours. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to. If you get odd looks – well that’s ok. Better to be reminded to have something to eat than to miss a meal, have a sugar low and overeat.

I have been eating a few low calorie high protein meals which I would like to share with you. I have been using a great link with some lovely healthy tasty recipes which I would like to share with you:

The inserted food pictures are some of the meals I have made and they have been absolutely delicious thus far. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. I hope you have as much fun as I have had making really amazing tasty healthy meals.

The big thing is preparation. Prepare prepare prepare. Take meals into work with you. You will not only save lbs, you will save £s. Eat healthy and eat often. And remind yourself why you are making these healthy lifestyle choices if you feel tempted to have those cookies with that cup of tea.

I hope that has been of some help. Remember: it’s a journey. It will take time. Have patience in the process. You will get there.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, and have a lovely weekend wherever you are on the planet.

A bit about the author:I am a guy who is (nearly) 40, who is sharing a journey of weight management and wellbeing.I am also a mental health professional with a wealth of years of experience in supporting individuals who have challenging mental illnesses and personality disorders. Prior to my current professional role, I spent several years supporting members of the community as a fitness professional, assisting individuals with weight loss and health improvement programmes.I completed a PGDip in Mental Health Nursing in 2013, and an MSc in Advanced Practice in 2016 in which I looked at improving nurses’ level of engagement with patients with challenging personality disorders. In 2018 I successfully undertook a Clinical reasoning in Physical Assessments course with the view to start studying toward becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in late 2019.In 2015 I also undertook a Mentorship for practice (BSc Hons) course and have been supporting future nurses with their training and development. I have also recently supported a Healthcare Assistant Staff toward training in and successfully passing and achieving a Foundation Degree in Mental Health Nursing.In my current role I am a person looking to support the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the individual. As part of my role within the health services in supporting individuals with mental health care needs, I am also currently looking to develop myself as a Wellness Coach, to support the individual with weekly wellness blogs, with the view to support individuals on a 1:1 basis as well as holding motivational lectures and seminars. 


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