If there is no door to knock on, make a door

If there is no door to knock on, make a door

How do you take advantage of an opportunity if there is no opportunity there?

Monthly summary and reflection 

Hi All. I hope that you have all had a good week. How did you find my blog post from last week? How did you find the blog around rugby and sport and fitness? Let me know if you found it helpful. Plus if you want any more advice around that area please let me know.

As some of you know who follow my weekly blogs, each week I look at things which are either experienced by lived experience of the moment and or inspired by the fitness and wellness journey that I am currently on.


There is that but there is also the end the month review and the reflection piece. This as serving as that.Well let’s get the ugly bit out of the way first – the remeasure / end of month (end of September) review.

MonthWaist and
Difference between last month
30/04/19Weight at 95.2kg with a
waist of 
Reduction from the month prior of 1.6kg and 2cm reduction of the waist.
31/05/19Weight at 97.2kg with a
waist of
Weight increase of 2kg and a waist increase of 2cm.
03/07/19Weight at 96.3kg with a
waist of
Weight decrease of 0.9kg and a waist decrease of 1cm.
02/08/19Weight at
97.0kg with a waist of
Weight increase of 0.7kg with no change of waist
31/08/19Weight at
97.0kg with a waist of
Weight no change with waist increase of 2cm, suggesting
increased fat storage around the midsection.
30/09/19 Weight at
99 kg
with a
waist of 106cm.
Weight increase of 2kg with waist of 1cm. Whilst this weight startles me, the top half of my shirt is filling out, this may suggest more muscle.

As you can see, there have been a few changes, but I know how I am going to approach them. I am going to go to the gym more regularly, address my emotional eating, and return back to the calorie deficit approach. It works.  

This brings me to a point though. For those of you who have been following my blogs and for those of you who are new, you will know that I have been cataloguing and charting my personal fitness journey on a monthly basis. Whilst this has been helpful for me, I feel like it has been a bit of a selfish approach, and inward focusing activity. I have found that through writing the blog it has evolved from someone who is preoccupied with their health and fitness to a blog which is more focussed on meeting the mental health and physical health wellbeing of the other: leaning more toward a selfless approach. Whilst I may continue to measure and catalogue on a monthly basis, this may lean toward more private recordings. I feel that this blog has evolved for the better, and it has become something which I hope is helpful for you, to help you enhance your wellbeing.

For those who have been following my blog on ‘Fit For Nearly ’40’, this is my last blog here. From next week the blogs will be exclusively on my new page ‘Fit For Any Age’, which can be found at http://fitforanyage.co.uk/

I will post reminders on the old blog, and if you have been following me there, then please come across to my new page, as I would love to continue to share my journeys with you there.

Without further ado though, let’s proceed with the reflection bit.

“If Opportunity doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.” ~ Milton Berle

I was sitting with a colleague a week or so back and we were reflecting on where we are in our careers and where we would like to see ourselves.

They were commenting that they were upset that I am going to start a new job, and I explained that sometimes when we feel that there are not opportunities for us, that we need to seek them or in some cases, make them.

Opportunities present themselves on a daily basis. It is about how receptive you are, and whether you are willing to explore the opportunity when the door is there.

But what happens when there is no door?

Well then you make a door. How do you make a door, you may ask? Well if you are wanting to change your job, go back to education. Learn skills and develop yourself. Enhance your skills and add to your skill set. By educating yourself you make yourself more employable for a variety of other jobs, and you also make yourself employable by the job which you want.

Do you work in a 9-5 in an office but want to be a doctor? Build your skills then. Educate yourself. Change yourself and your circumstances. Make your door.

Your outlook is also something which can affect how you take advantage of opportunities.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill

Your outlook will affect how you see opportunities and how you approach changes and developments in your life.

I take my inspirations from many people. One of whom is Terry Crews, the very successful actor of ‘The Expendables’ movies and the ‘Brooklyn 99’ comedy series. Please see the embedded video below. This video is used as fair usage. I take no credit for it and I give full credit to the studio and creators.

What I love about this interview, is Terry’s attitude.

I love how he had a discussion with himself, thinking he was going to ‘phone in’ the movie role as he initially had a very limited roll, but then decided to give it his all, realising that this was a golden opportunity to transcend into something bigger. He said his two lines with everything he had and Sylvester Stallone liked it and decided to give Terry a bigger role in the movie. Sylvester Stallone wrote a whole new scene for Terry. The rest they will say, is movie history. The film launched Terry from supporting roles to the big time.

And it comes down to his attitude. And you can do it too. If you want to change your circumstances, you can teach yourself and you can change your attitude. Go out there with your chin lifted and your gaze fixed on the sky, focussed on your objective. Teach yourself and change your attitude. Make your opportunities. Make your door.

In summary, changing your circumstances can be done in various ways: through learning more and through having an attitude that is positive and that is geared toward enhancing available and hidden opportunities. You can do it.

I hope you have found the blog of some help. Remember: it’s a journey. It will take time. Have patience in the process. You will get there. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, and have a lovely weekend wherever you are on the planet.

And remember: love yourself. 



A bit about the author:

I am a guy who is (nearly) 40, who is sharing a journey of weight management and wellbeing.I am also a mental health professional with a wealth of years of experience in supporting individuals who have challenging mental illnesses and personality disorders.

Prior to my current professional role, I spent several years supporting members of the community as a fitness professional, assisting individuals with weight loss and health improvement programmes.

I completed a PGDip in Mental Health Nursing in 2013, and an MSc in Advanced Practice in 2016 in which I looked at improving nurses’ level of engagement with patients with challenging personality disorders.

In 2018 I successfully undertook a Clinical reasoning in Physical Assessments course with the view to start studying toward becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in late 2019.

In 2015 I also undertook a Mentorship for practice (BSc Hons) course and have been supporting future nurses with their training and development. I have also recently supported a Healthcare Assistant Staff toward training in and successfully passing and achieving a Foundation Degree in Mental Health Nursing.

In my current role I am a person looking to support the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the individual. As part of my role within the health services in supporting individuals with mental health care needs, I am also currently looking to develop myself as a Wellness Coach, to support the individual with weekly wellness blogs, with the view to support individuals on a 1:1 basis as well as holding motivational lectures and seminars.


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