An announcement from Fit For Any Age

An announcement from Fit For Any Age

Hello all. Hope you are well. I hope you had a good week. I hope you have had an opportunity to use some the SMART goal planning which I explored in the last three blogs of diet, exercise and wellness, and I hope that in some way reading the blogs helped you to make better plans to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Continuing with the idea of setting goals, I have been faced with a few goals of my own, and it has forced me to take a look at what I have on my plate and see how I can best manage my time.

I started a new job in community mental health nursing in November 2019. Prior to this I had worked as an inpatient mental health nurse. I also moved from my area and am in the process of moving in with my girlfriend. I have also been acting as a father figure to her son and have been learning a lot along the way.

My new job has taken me completely out of my comfort zone and I am learning new things every day, some interesting things, some startling things, but I am learning, learning, learning.

I also started a Non-medical Prescribing course in January, and the course is very intense, very demanding and very time consuming. It is sometimes difficult to find time to study, as after dinner and bed time routines, it is nearly ten o’clock at night and I am finding it a struggle to concentrate.

And on top of this I want to continue to deliver weekly fitness and wellness blogs and promote my site and blog.

I finished work a few weeks ago and was absolutely exhausted. I had been running non-stop, sorting out my old flat on weekends, starting my course, juggling work pressures, wanting to get back into the gym.

My partner Lana lovingly sat me on the couch and we had a heart to heart about all I have on my plate and what I can do to manage my most immediate priorities and how I can manage my long term, but less immediate priorities.

I keep telling someone you can’t do everything all of the time – but sometimes I need someone to tell it to me.

If I try to do too many things at once, I am at risk of burn out and of my anxiety levels increasing. I am affected by anxiety. If I feel overwhelmed, the situation begins to become anxiety provoking for me. I am receiving help with this which is helping and I am getting there. It is sometimes difficult for those giving the advice to take their own advice, but it really should go without saying that if you recognise you need help, please ask for it.

But back to the talk on the couch. So we had an honest talk amongst ourselves. And we looked at how to help me best manage my time, and we came to an arrangement: gym twice a week with CV on weekends; studying three days a week, with more sessions depending on workload and deadlines, and to move the frequency at the end of the month as opposed to once weekly.

My apologies to my weekly readers, but due to aforementioned reasons of increase to workload and study demands, I cannot afford to spread myself too thin and have to instead be SMART with how I prioritise my goals and what I need to do to meet my immediate work and academic needs whilst preserving establishing long term projects, such as this blog site.

I will still do the podcast I have scheduled for mid-February. And another goal and future blog is to reflect and share with the experiences of the blog.

  • So to recap
  • Release two blogs every month due to increased work and study load. One as a discussing point and one as an end of month measurement, both at the end of the month. Once course is done, from September look to do weekly again.
  • Have podcast mid February so can talk about that end of February.
  • Exercise twice a week

So yes, sorry to be the barer of bad news, but for the next few months at least it is going to become a bit quiet here at Fit For Any Age. There will still be content, but it will be less often. The content will still be good though 😉.

In summary, as my plate will be getting very full over the coming weeks, I will be easing off on the frequency of the blogs, but the quality will still be there. Sometimes I need to take my own advice: you can’t juggle everything and not expect to not drop a few plates! Sometimes you need to focus on the most important things, the priorities, plan your time around these, and slowly work your way forward.

I hope you have found the blog of some help. Remember: it’s a journey. It will take time. Have patience in the process. You will get there. Until then, stay happy, stay healthy, and have a lovely weekend wherever you are on the planet.

And remember: love yourself. 



A bit about the author:

I am a guy who is (nearly) 40, who is sharing a journey of weight management and wellbeing.I am also a mental health professional with a wealth of years of experience in supporting individuals who have challenging mental illnesses and personality disorders. 

Prior to my current professional role, I spent several years supporting members of the community as a fitness professional, assisting individuals with weight loss and health improvement programmes.

I completed a PGDip in Mental Health Nursing in 2013, and an MSc in Advanced Practice in 2016 in which I looked at improving nurses’ level of engagement with patients with challenging personality disorders. 

In 2018 I successfully undertook a Clinical reasoning in Physical Assessments course with the view to start studying toward becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in late 2019.

In 2015 I also undertook a Mentorship for practice (BSc Hons) course and have been supporting future nurses with their training and development. I have also recently supported a Healthcare Assistant Staff toward training in and successfully passing and achieving a Foundation Degree in Mental Health Nursing.

In my current role I am a person looking to support the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the individual. As part of my role within the health services in supporting individuals with mental health care needs, I am also currently looking to develop myself as a Wellness Coach, to support the individual with weekly wellness blogs, with the view to support individuals on a 1:1 basis as well as holding motivational lectures and seminars.

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