Merry Christmas from Fit For Any Age

Merry Christmas from Fit For Any Age

Hello all. This is just an announcement from Fit For Any Age a Merry Christmas. It has been a difficult and unprecedented year with covid, and we have iall endured physical, mental and emotional hardships. Some have lost loved ones, some have lost jobs. Breakthroughs have also been a achieved, such as the vaccines, but we still have a while to go until we are all through this safely.

During this trying time, look after one another and yourselves. Pick up the phone. Give someone a call. Go for a walk, dance in your kitchen, watch a show you like. The small things. We will get through this.

Stay safe and stay strong. And remember to love yourselves.

And remember, if things get difficult, there is help available.

Samaritans. Free phone 116 123


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